Matcha(Green Tea) BumKuchen -Muslim Friendly Snack

Matcha(Green Tea) BumKuchen -Muslim Friendly Snack

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We used two kinds of green tea with different appearances and tastes to finish off this two-layered baumkuchen. The layer-by-layer carefully baked batter brings out an intense flavor with its moist yet light texture. We do not use any animal related ingredients and alcohol though Halal certified yet. Products can also be shipped to hotels, vacation rentals, or other places of accommodation. Consider it as a gift to give on your travels in Japan. If you would like shipping, please write the address of accommodation in the recipient information field at the shop. Best Before: 40 Days after delivery Store it in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Ingredients: Eggs,Sugar,Butter,Heavy Cream,Shortening (soy-derived),Almond,Powder Sugar,Wheat Flour,Green tea,Starch Syrup,Starch,Trehalose,Emulsifiers,Acid,Sorbitol,Flavour,Food Colours(Carotene)