Halal Instant Ramen Shoyu (Soy-sauce Taste)
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Halal Instant Ramen Shoyu (Soy-sauce Taste)


¥165 税込


The product is made in a food factory in Japan, using only the wheat grown in Hokkaido, Japan. These products are Halal certified and made in Japan, also made of wheat grown in Japan. Using Mongolian brine water, non-fried, health-friendly noodle with traditional Japanese flavor soup. Halal certified, safe and health-friendly. Worried about metabolic syndrome and avoiding ramen noodles? Here is an instant ramen product friendly to your body. Four different flavors Shio, Shoyu, Miso, Spicy taste. Ingredients Noodle: wheat, starch, sea salt, natural brine water Powderd soup: soy sauce powder, sea salt, sugar, onion powder, dried green onion, spices, dried glucose, sea weed, sesame oil, seasoning (plant amino acids), caramel color,